Exiting New Family Entertainment Centre project from scratch! Created Concept, Logo, Website and booking system. Developed floor layout and play structure design. Architectural design Project management, Permits and Licensing of a new business. Marketing and Branding. Trademark registration and On-going Consulting

Logo and Website design. Created Basic SEO and Google AdWords campaigns. Booking System development. Marketing Consulting

Bar Chart

Original new business concept! Logo and Brand development. Website design and Portfolio update. 

Name search, Business registration and Logo and Brand Design. Optimized the work load of seasonal jobs. Developed new work estimate system. Reorganized clientele base. Created interactive website and cloud based database.

Product Development, Logo and Brand Design. Patent registration and e-Commerce Website development

Start Up business. Logo, Concept, Brand, Business and marketing Strategy. Website, SEO and Google AdWords Campaigns. HR and Customer Relations Consulting

and more...